Texas Public Utilities Commission

What is a public utility commission?

Government agencies called public utility commissions (PUCs) oversee the regulation of electric utility companies, also known as utilities commissions, utility regulatory commissions (URCs), or public service commissions (PSCs). Their responsibility is to monitor the services, fees, and rates charged by public utilities. In areas where utilities are regulated, PUCs set the rates for electricity charged by utilities to customers. However, in deregulated areas, retail electric providers (REPs) compete with each other, leading to competitive pricing. Public utilities in deregulated areas are responsible only for delivering electricity and maintaining the infrastructure required to do so. PUCs in deregulated areas oversee delivery fees and handle consumer complaints.

Public utility commissions for deregulated markets

Public Utilities Commissions are crucial in both regulated and deregulated energy markets, albeit with some differences in their responsibilities. In regulated markets, the PUC sets rates for utilities to charge customers for electricity, while in deregulated markets, their role is to oversee public utilities’ services, fees, and rates. Regardless of the market type, the PUC is accountable for ensuring that utilities provide reliable and affordable electricity to consumers. The country’s deregulated electric and natural gas markets are overseen by the following PUCs:

How to file a complaint with your PUC

If you have an issue with your electricity provider, you can file a complaint with your local public utility commission (PUC). PUCs are responsible for regulating electric utility companies and handling customer complaints against them. In some cases, PUCs offer an informal complaint option as a first step before formal proceedings. Once a complaint is received, the PUC will investigate the issue and communicate the resolution to the consumer and the utility company. For more information on how to file a complaint with your area’s PUC, visit their website.


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