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​ The 1.5 GW Daofu Country solar complex has begun construction in Sichuan Province, China. China’s Inner Mongolia has approved 17 renewable energy projects totaling 7 GW. These exist in three categories. There are five grid-serving renewable projects with 1,610 MW solar, 1,895 MW wind, and 818 MW battery energy storage, seven wind-solar-hydrogen “demonstration projects” consisting of 435 MW solar, 1,240 MW wind, and 63,000 tons of annual hydrogen production capacity, and five coal replacement projects with 1,110 MW solar, 695 MW wind, and 90 MW battery storage. China’s Qinghai Province has released a preliminary listing for the second batch of “base projects” there, with seven projects and 7 GW of renewables. Of this, 1.2 GW of wind is paired with… Read More 


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