Headlines for January 17, 2023
Headlines for January 17, 2023

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​ Ukraine Blames Russia After Strike on Dnipro Apartment Building Kills at Least 44; U.S. Expands Training for Ukrainian Soldiers at Military Base in Germany; German Defense Minister Resigns as Allies Press for More Arms to Ukraine; Former Afghan MP Mursal Nabizada Assassinated in Her Kabul Home; More Than 50 Women Abducted by Insurgents in Burkina Faso; Death Toll from Unrelenting California Storms Rises to 20; Meteorologists Forecast Global Heating Will Accelerate in 2024; German Police Use Tear Gas to Clear Climate Activists from Site of Coal Mine; Activists Blockade Private Jet Airport Used by World Economic Forum Attendees; Nepal Airliner Crash Kills Dozens; Israeli Soldiers Kill 14-Year-Old Palestinian in West Bank Raid; “Unconscionable and Indefensible”: U.K. Government Vetoes Scottish Gender Equality Bill; New Mexico GOP Candidate Arrested for Shootings at Homes of Democrats; GOP Insiders Knew More Than a Year Ago About George Santos’s False Résumé; NYC Mayor Warns Asylum Seekers “There Is No More Room in New York”; Oklahoma Carries Out First of 11 Executions Set for 2023; Russell Banks, Novelist Who Wrote About Criminals, Outcasts and Revolutionaries, Dies at 82 


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